Mini blinds to Roman Shades Posh Style!


am so relieved to have finished this project! I have wanted roman shades for I don't know how long. I find myself searching online for just the right ones, only to find out that they don't come in my size. I have even looked into getting custom shades but my choices are limited and I pay through the nose to get them. The only solution was to make them myself!

I have found several different tutorials online as well as in blogland. My favorite from The Little Green Notebook. I have been inspired to try this myself.

Here is my how-to and results.

Mini Blinds
Fabric Glue
Heat N Bond

1. I decided to use two mini blinds instead of one large mini blind to fill the space. Lay out the blind all the way so that they are extended as far as they can go.
2. Remove the strings that hold the slats in place, being careful to not remove the thicker string(lift string) in the middle.

3. Remove plugs from the bottom of the blinds, and save them for later.
4. Pull off the bottom piece as well as all the slats except for the ones you will keep for your folds.

You should now have something that looks like this.

5. Now determine how many folds you want in your shade. Each Slat will represent 1 fold. I
had 6 folds at almost 8 inches apart.

7. Lay out the fabric under the blinds, and position the slats at your desired measurement. Leave approximately 2 inches on each side of the blinds.

My picture shows the two inches of extra fabric folded under. I will slide the slat in the pocket before or during the gluing process.
Now your ready to star gluing!
1.. Fold the sides in over the end of the slat and glue, being careful not to glue your lift string. I also glued the slat to the fabric all the way across.
I tucked this slat under the fold.
2. Once you have glued all your desired slats you can begin putting gluing the backing on. Simply cut the muslin to size and glue to the slats. I only needed to glue a little with the muslin. I mostly glued the ends where the fabric folded onto the slats, and a small dob or two in the middle of the slats to get a good hold with the muslin.
3. Now your ready to attach the bottom piece and plugs!

This is the time I decided to add ribbon to my shades. You could add ribbon earlier in the steps and you don't need to wait until this phase like I did.
1. I measured out the desired ribbon, and glued it on. I used Heat n Bond for this part.
2. I folded the corners in so they would come together nicely.
3. Leaving a small amount of extra ribbon at the bottom, I attached a small piece to the back and tied them together so I have a bow.

My inspiration came from Pottery Barn. I love their Ribbon Roman shades! Overall I am very happy with how mine turned out. The only think I might do different next time is pick a fabric that doesn't wrinkle as easy, and maybe a blind with better hardware.

Cost Breakdown:
1. Mini blind - 2 @ $3.26
2. Linen Fabric- $4.99 per yard
3. Muslin (backing) - 1.29 per yard -aprox 2 yards
4. Ribbon - 1 spool- $2.50
Not bad for custom shades!

Here is my inspiration. Pottery Barn Shade- Love them!

Here is mine!

I will definitely be doing this again. I think my next project will be in my daughters room makeover!


Lo said...

I LOVE that!! I have been wanting to get some roman shades or wooden blinds for the babys room but hate spending the $$ I will have to try that now. Thanks for the great idea and the nice comment on my blog :)

Designs on 47th Street said...

Oh my goodness! That looks great! It also looks like a lot of work. I am really impressed. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)


Centsational Girl said...

Nicely done ! Thanks for visiting my blog.